You Are Loved

You Are Loved

She writes poetry

She plays the violin

She tries to play the part

Somehow she never wins

She grabs a stick of gum

After her cigarette

She puts on a smile

And tries to hide her mess

And makes herself at home in loneliness

And fixes her dress

One of the many things I have learned in the past three years is to find joy where I am, not where I would rather be. The former is right here; the latter is a moving target. 2020 was a rough year, and if any current indicators are to be believed 2021 isn’t going to be much better. Sticking our head in the sand and pretending otherwise isn’t going to help, and if anything will make it worse.

She drives a rusted car

It’s always out of gas

She paints her fingernails

Every shade of black

She makes mistakes

She makes them loud

And she tries so hard

Not to let you down

While we work to make the best of things it is terribly easy to get distracted by that moving target and forget that all around us are people who love and appreciate us and the little things we do that we never notice. Our value becomes diminished and we compensate by pushing more for that hypothetical existence that may or may not be feasible right now, and while resilience in the face of failure is considered one of the most important tools for success, the undervalued truth is that failure always takes its toll.

Somebody loves you

Just the way you are

And I can’t fix you

And I can’t change you

But I can love you

Just the way you are

Instead tearing your fingers apart on a wall you cannot climb right now, stop for a moment and turn around. Look behind you. I can guarantee there is someone back there watching your struggle with an overflowing heart who loves you for all that you are, right now, in this moment, without regard for what is on the other side.

I’m here, I’m not going anywhere

I’m scared you’ll go too far

One tear can turn into an ocean of regret

So don’t forget

Somebody loves you

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