Unplugging the Music

Unplugging the Music

Thank you everyone for joining in the September Song Project and Musically Ranting!! So many posts to read through and so little time. That’s the beauty of writing though, going back to read a missed treasure.

As many of you have read, I’m taking a break from blogging. Still trying to figure out my juggling act and one day (hopefully soon) I will have all the pins in the right order. So while I work on my act this space will have a little breathing room.

A few minor changes are in the works but I don’t want to spoil them by spilling the beans. I don’t want to commit to anything else at the moment either as my list just keeps growing. So it might be a two week break or I might take the month of October off, but don’t worry your pretty heads.. we will be back!

For now, I’m unplugging the prompts but…

Please don’t stop the music 🎶

Catch you on the B side ✌️


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