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How do you feel about dirty talk?

I love dirty talk. I especially love it when my men talk dirty to me. This has always been a stipulation in whatever relationship I’m in. Granted, some men are not as loquacious, but as long as the point gets across then mission accomplished. Before I consider having a physical relationship with someone I have to know how they think. I need an emotional connection, so the dirty talk gets “the juices flowing”.

Are you any good at it?

I like to think I’m good at it. Pet and I type more than talk throughout the day and we seem to do quite well. I keep him quite “needy” and I thoroughly enjoy it. Unbeknownst to him, he does the same for me. Usually all that is necessary is one phrase consisting of an action. For instance this morning he sent me a picture of how he dressed and styled himself. My first thought when I glanced at the picture was that I wanted to bite his lip, and that is exactly what I said. In return, I get the red blushing face of a very happy submissive.

Does it turn you on?

Dirty talk especially turns me on for several reasons. I have a huge oral fixation. I love lips on men and women. A dark red in perfect outline on a woman is so erotic. For men, it is the soft, full, and pouty lips. I like having something to bite. So naturally when people talk I watch their mouth, how their lips move. When pet and I are on the phone it is usually video so that we can see and hear each other. The dirty talk is even better as we can connect. Watching the facial expressions of pet when he is telling me what he wants is very fulfilling. When we don’t have the ability for video then a regular phone call suffices. I can still hear him breath, his moans, when his breath catches over something I’ve said. I think it is pretty safe to say we both enjoy teasing each other immensely.

The dirty talk is more than just telling each other what we want to do. It is the playful names, the questions of whether something is liked or not, the physical reactions. Neither of us are into degrading or humilitation, so we keep it positive but it is still just as erotic and sexy as hell.

This is part of the Erotic Journal Challenge. Want to read more click the link.

2 thoughts on “Talk to me
    1. Totally understand! One of the best orgasms I’ve ever had was by a Dom’s dirty talk. No touch involved just his voice and the delicious things he said.

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