Somebody Loves You

Somebody Loves You

2020 has pushed so many of us to the breaking point, and this Wonder Woman who I call Beloved, who I love so completely is no different. Like so many mothers she has been burdened beyond reason and is expected to just figure it out. The underlying circumstances aren’t all that important because I’m not here to make excuses for why she has been left at home, alone, with no break from the routine, no time to herself, with degrading sleep and a list that never seems to get shorter. She would be the first to tell me to soldier on. To therefore make excuses would be an insult to her effort and ability.

What is important is that she know I see here there, working from home, effectively homeschooling her child, keeping him on task, devoting everything to his well being, while dealing with the intricacies of a blossoming polyamorous relationship, and somehow making time for her friends, family, and me over here in another city. She is a super hero, and I bet she can fly if she wanted, but doesn’t because everything she wants is right here on Earth.

What is important is that she knows:

One tear can turn into an ocean of regret

So, don’t forget

Somebody loves you!


5 thoughts on “Somebody Loves You

  1. “Burdened beyond reason” is a good description. A lot of working moms – single, partnered, and otherwise – are feeling that burden disproportionately right now.

    Maybe a cape and boots should be acquired? At the very least, they’d make a spectacular Halloween costume. 😉

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