One is the Loneliest Number

One is the Loneliest Number

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do

Two can be as bad as one

It’s the loneliest number since the number one

One- written by Harry Nilssen, sung by Three Dog Night

I couldn’t start a post about statistics without including a song about numbers, right?!

I’m not a big fan of statistics, I wasn’t much of a math guru in school either. I understand the importance of numbers but at the end of the day words just do it for me.

I do check my stats on my blog but I don’t let them dictate what I write anymore. When I began the blog in December of 2018 I was glued to the stats as I wanted my audience to grow and being fresh on the scene I needed to know what made people click the like button. I gained a specific group of followers as I was determined to blog about my polyamory, specifically my femdom relationship with pet.

I followed in other blogger’s footsteps and took the images and gained even more followers. I shared the posts on Twitter and my following on social media grew. A year into blogging something shifted and my stats dropped. I dug into my stat history and took in the ebb and flow of the charts. More images gained more views, while my lengthier posts sat unread by the majority.

Feeling a bit down trodden I stepped back from writing as much. Throw in life drama and my words disappeared. I had to decide if I wanted to keep blogging or just stick to doing reviews.

I had an idea to bring my blog back to life but it would change the dynamic of my writing. I would step away from the focus on the image and put the focus back where it felt right- on the words. I spoke to a couple people I trusted and was told to go for it.

On May 1st my blog debuted my project #MusicallyRanting and it just felt right. It’s not centered around sex or BDSM, but it does encompass a huge part of me and my life. This project celebrates music and the impacts it has on our lives.

I watched my stats rise again over the past few weeks. This time it doesn’t feel like I am following the crowd. I found my voice and I want to write again. By sharing the music of many talented people, and reading about how music affects other bloggers gives me so much joy. I feel like I am home.

16 thoughts on “One is the Loneliest Number

  1. I can relate to this so much, no matter why we start to write somewhere along the way we compromise in order to gain followers and fit in. I think it is a pivotal moment when we realise we are off the path we want to be on and refocus on what’s important. As you say, focus on the words.

    The new meme is cool and I’m enjoying taking part!

    Take care,

    Sweet x

    1. Thank you Sweet! It took me awhile to realize how off track I was but once I did I couldn’t just let it go. I’m glad you are enjoying the meme 😊

  2. I am so happy you have found your voice again, and find you are home. I love your meme, and I have always love coming here to visit your words and images, and will continue to do so. I think the bottom line of our space on the world wide web is just that: it’s our space, and what we do we should do for ourselves 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  3. It is easy to get into that number trap, lose track of why we began to write in the first place. I am so glad you have found what makes you happy. true joy in writing can be felt from the readers. Good luck with your new project

    1. Thank you Raven. You’re right, I can definitely see the difference in the pieces that I enjoyed versus the ones I wrote to simply put something on paper.

  4. I just started following you because of your new project. Music speaks to the soul. Often times, the songwriters too struggle with the same thing. Do they write songs from their heart or do they compromise to get the most #1 hits? I find we are happiest when we stay true to who we are. It’s why my blog for the most part is anonymous. I can be my true self without anyone really tracing it back to me.

    I hope that you are able to continue to stay true to yourself and continue to write about what you love and what you feel in your soul.

    1. Thank you so much sass c. I use a pseudonym for the same reason. The music has always been a huge influence in my life and it does make me happy sharing it.

  5. Do what feels right for you. If it’s pics then do pics. If it’s travel pieces do them. If music do music. Ultimately this is your blog and you are the only one who must get pleasure from it! You seem more content lately so that’s a good thing. Stay safe! While I haven’t participated in the meme, I do enjoy reading various other’s submissions.

    1. Thank you for saying it Michael, you are right I am supposed to find pleasure in my blog. I have been very happy with it since I started the meme. I think coming to grips with not being strictly a sex blogger but more of a lifestyle blogger has helped. I enjoy writing about all facets in my life and that’s what this blog was started for.

      Thank you for reading the posts involved as well and you are always welcome to join in! ♥️ I hope you and yours stay safe too!

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