My Spine Is Tingling

My Spine Is Tingling

I have always been a sensual man, but I have not always allowed myself to be. It wasn’t until recently when I gained the self confidence to be the man I want to be instead of the man my family demands. I enjoy dressing provocatively, teasing, and indulging in unrepentant hedonism. Nowhere are these activities more in vogue than in the nightclubs where I spent my twenties, and even though my clubbing habit has greatly diminished I still have these desires and the need to express them.

Along with my sensuality and hedonism, I have a love of big cities. An unpopular opinion of mine: Give me the noise and the lights and the throngs of humanity over the countryside. To me cities exemplify the best of our species, the need for safety in numbers, collective efficiency, social structure, and problem solving. Municipalities continue to solve the greatest problem for our species: How to pool our resources and survive. We learned a long time ago that life is better together instead of apart. Even with coronavirus shredding a wake through our population centers, it will ultimately be from those population centers that the war against the virus will be waged and won.

So, for the theme ‘Go Your Own Way’ I have chosen a new club track that exemplifies my sensual and hedonistic passions that I have recently allowed myself to be comfortable with, along with my love of big cities. ‘My Spine Is Tingling’ was produced by Will Sparks and features vocalist Luciana. When I hear it I want to dance and do filthy things, and hoist my slut flag!

Looking through my Raybans at the world outside
Walkin’ slomo to a rhythm under neon nights
I got my mind in the gutter and my dreams on the street
I feel alive, alive, and this city don’t sleep

My spine is tingling
My spine is tingling
And it feels so good

What’s your story?
Do you see what I see?
I see the heartbreaks splashing
Clubs see hearts bleed
I got my dreams in the gutter
And my mind on the street
I feel alive, alive
And this city don’t sleep

My spine is tingling

6 thoughts on “My Spine Is Tingling

  1. “I want to dance and do filthy things, and hoist my slut flag!”

    Love this line! I have a wide musical interest, and I think that my most favorite songs bring out different aspects of me, so I am sure somewhere in my collection there is a song that does exactly the same to me as ‘My Spine Is Tingling’ does for you 😉

  2. I loved the song and I understand the appeal of it to you – you explained it so well. It has a gritty, dirty beat and it felt very hedonistic. When we can all mingle again, I can well imagine you throwing shapes on the dancefloor (that is probably a dated way to say that – sorry!)

  3. My Mum was one for the city too. She had spent time living in the courtry-side – working on a farm – but returned to the city and refused to leave. I was i her blood.
    this is great –
    “I got my dreams in the gutter
    And my mind on the street
    I feel alive”
    May 😉

    1. I was spoiled when I was living downtown with my now ex-boyfriend. Everything was in walking distance and parking was never an issue as a result. We went clubbing and didn’t have to worry about driving home drunk or getting a taxi, were within walking distance of fine dining, it was grand!

      In Vermont I lived right smack in the middle of a small town. It wasn’t a city, but it was right on Main Street. Bookstores, art galleries, a great Thai place, all within a few minutes’ walk. The summer festival was held right on that street too! So we could walk out the door and be right there.

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