My Chaotic Life

My Chaotic Life

I have a category that resides on my blog and will always be listed there. It was my first category, my default category, and it still is; it was the purpose of this blog- to document the nonsensical thoughts, the idea upon idea of things I want to write, and the chaos that we live in. This blog is my chaotic life and the ramblings that run through my head all day, every day.

My blog is coming up on it’s one year mark in less than a month. It’s my December baby and I couldn’t be more proud of it. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in when I began writing, so I dabbled in a little of this and that. Once I settled on the path (for now) I still needed a place to just get out all of the nonsense and rambling thoughts, so my Chaotic Life category became my security blanket.

The funny thing about living in the day to day chaos is that you become really, I mean really, good at multitasking. I work a 40 hour a week job Monday through Friday. I also work as needed for my friend’s therapy office in the evenings. I have an 8 year old who is active in martial arts and he has special needs, add in the puppy, the significant others, and extended family, my week is usually packed from 5am until 8-9pm. So in order to complete the mundane tasks like scheduling appointments, laundry and house cleaning I do one or two things on my work breaks each day.

My weekends are usually reserved for the much needed break aka “me-time” and family trips here or there. I get up early to exercise and/or go to the gym 4-5 days a week. I’ve found if I don’t do some form of physical activity that sitting for 8 hours makes my body revolt in the meanest ways. So 5am is also my time to reflect and stretch and push my physical limitations.

In writing for almost a year I have learned that I’m not a pound at the keyboard and throw a blog post up type of person. When I do that the posts are often underdeveloped and may jump from one idea into another without much transition. So instead of stressing over it I start a post and save it. I may work on it when I need a mental break from my workday and then again once the house becomes quiet at night. Once I feel that I’ve reached a good stopping point then I will hit the publish button. This can result in 2 or 3 posts going at one time. It works for me though because if I’m stuck on one I can jump over to another and may have a break through. In doing this I’ve learned how to cut myself some slack if I don’t get a post up in time for a prompt too.

As I have gotten older (no I’m not old by any means) my physical ailments have become more plaguing. My inability to get restful sleep takes a toll on my abilities to keep up on many activities at the same time. It takes a huge hit on my mental health as well. One of the medications I take is for people with Parkinson’s disease. It’s not as serious as it sounds, many medications help with several disorders that they were not meant for, and this one helps my body relax at night in order to sleep. I’ve discussed my nerve condition before and now that I’ve finally found the right doctors I feel better than I have in the past 8 years. I still get migraines now and then and that really affects my ability to keep my thoughts straight, so my planner and lists take the place of my foggy brain.

I may not be the queen of multitasking but I do plenty in a given day. I know my limitations and when it is time to just stop and take a break. Forcing myself to take time for me on the weekend is the best thing I could have done. No one is getting out of this life alive, so we should take time to drink the good coffee, eat delicious things, and go to the places we’ve always wanted to see. But for right now I’m going to hit publish and dive into a good book.

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14 thoughts on “My Chaotic Life

  1. It sounds like you have balanced everything out for yourself, which is good, and forcing yourself to take time out on a weekend is always a good thing. I do that too, although I also work at my blogs on weekends or I will never get everything done.

    Rebel xox

  2. That does sound busy, I remember you mentioning before but I didn’t realise how much you had on your plate at once. Absolutely find all the me time you can in all of that.

  3. You sound crazy busy and yet also fairly structured and I think that’s great. I also like that you’ve figured out your style and how things work for YOU (in life and in blogging). Also happy early blogiversary!

  4. I too never put out a post straight after writing. I sit on it – edit it etc- I am dyslexic so this is vital – you have done brilliantly with your blog over the year well done to u x

  5. Only a year eh?? Seems like I’ve been following you for much longer than that. Congratulations on enjoying blogging for this first year! May it continue to be a positive force in your life as you multi-task ever onward!

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