Musically Ranting

Welcome to the home page for the bi-weekly music meme- Musically Ranting!

I have been a music lover my whole life. From childhood singing songs by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with my dad, through school playing multiple musical instruments, and continuing into my adult years sharing my love of music with my son.

I wanted to share my passion for music with other bloggers and possibly learn/hear something new. Everyone has a preference for the types of music they love and what better way to bond with other people by sharing the music that influences our lives.

Playing in Key- The Major Scale

  • The prompt is not required, but is highly encouraged.
  • Please limit your posts to two per blog. We all love comments and want to hear what other bloggers think of the music we share, so this will keep it manageable.
  • If you use any lyrics in your post please be sure to credit the artist. None of us want to deal with any copyright infringement.

Just a Few More Notes- The Minor Scales

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Promoting– the hashtag #MusicallyRanting can be linked on social media. Please show the other participants some love by commenting on their posts as well.

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