Musically Ranting #7 : Decades- 1990s

Musically Ranting #7 : Decades- 1990s

I want to start by thanking everyone who joined in with the previous prompt of Sleeping with the Musician. It was a fun topic and I really enjoyed reading about the musicians that ticked your boxes.

For future prompts, I’ve decided to keep the decades as some of them, but I’m not doing them in any particular order. I apologize in advance if the chaos is a bit much, it’s just how I roll and let’s face it- I do things how I want to do them! (hahaha)

As you can see from the title this time we are jumping ahead (okay really going back) to the 1990s. This is my generation’s time to shine, we were teenagers trying to figure out how we were going to do things bigger and better than our parents did. We were the transitional generation- we had an analog childhood and digital adulthood. We had landline phones and perfected the skill of call waiting and party lines, by early adulthood we had cell phones.

The biggest transition for our generation was in the music industry. We grew up on cassette tapes and had CD’s by high school. We moved onto MP3 players in our 20s and now in our 30s we stream music like a pro. We snuck in our MTV and VH1 television stations after school and as adults we have our favorite youTube channels.

I think the greatest advancement (yes I confirmed this stat with my fellow Millennials..haha) was the transition from printed lyrics in the cassette/CD jacket to googling the lyrics now.

I swear I’m done tooting my “90s kid” horn… so onto the prompt!

Which song/album or musician was influential for you in the 90s? Or, who was your favorite 90s band/musician and why?

There’s a lot of wiggle room in this prompt so if you have another idea for this decade please feel free to use it.

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