Musically Ranting #6- Sleeping with the Musician

Musically Ranting #6- Sleeping with the Musician

I’m pretty sure we have all had a crush on at least one musician in our lifetime. I can think of a handful that I wouldn’t kick out of bed right now..haha. This reminds me of those folded-up posters in the teen magazines that you could tear out and it would become a wall hanging. Most of the people featured were actors but every now and then a musician would make an appearance.

The memory of those magazines is what brought forth the idea of the next prompt-

If you could sleep with one musician who would it be? Why would you pick that musician?

Something else to think about-let’s say that you were the best sex this musician has ever had, what type of song do you think they would write about you?

As always, the prompt is not required- it is there for inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “Musically Ranting #6- Sleeping with the Musician

  1. Ha! 😉

    I’m married to a musician — so I’ve been sleeping with one for years. 😛

    (And I don’t know about the “best sex” bit but there have been songs written about me. Lol.)

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