Musically Ranting #5- Acoustic (Genres)

Musically Ranting #5- Acoustic (Genres)

InLinkz update: Since I wasn’t able to get the prompt out on time I have extended the link-up an extra day. So instead of it ending on a Thursday, it will end on Friday. Thank you for your patience and understanding with me.

Thank you to everyone who wrote about Fashion Icons in the music industry. There were some wonderful entries and I enjoyed getting to know how music influenced your style.

I always think of a coffee house when it comes to listening to music labeled as Acoustic. With this genre you can expect to hear instruments without synthesizers and electricity and the musician’s voice is unfiltered. The acoustic guitar is the most widely used instrument when musicians play their music this way.

The prompt for this genre is short and sweet-

What song or album is your favorite when it is played acoustically, and why? Does the song say something about you? How does it make you feel?

As always, the prompt is not required, it is there to help you write if you get stuck.

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