Musically Ranting #4- Dress you up in my..Songs

Musically Ranting #4- Dress you up in my..Songs

I had a feeling the last prompt would be a bit challenging as music from the 1940s is not played much anymore. The radio stations/streams have their “Oldies” station but they normally only go back as far as the 80s, so I really appreciate everyone who tackled the challenge and joined in!

Now let’s get back into something a bit more light and fun; the new prompt is about fashion! “Fashion?! I thought this was a music meme..”

Many musicians create their own style as it makes them and their music memorable. Just about everyone has heard about Madonna in some way, be it her music, her style, or whatever outlandish thing she did to land in the headlines. Her Aquanet-sprayed hair and fishnet gloves became a style of the 80s, and Madonna became a fashion icon. Several musicians have since followed in her footsteps. Does Lady Gaga ring any bells?

The prompt for the next two weeks can be from any time period and can be more than one musician/band/music artist.

Which musician/music artist(s) influenced your style? Did you dress to mimic them? If you didn’t dress like any musicians, which ones did you admire for their fashion sense?

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