Musically Ranting #12- Song of 2021

Musically Ranting #12- Song of 2021

The holidays this past year seemed pretty rough for so many. I even toyed with the idea of letting the meme go as I was not at the top of my game and it was feeling like much more work than I wanted to put forth. It was a low number this time around but the 4 blogs that contributed had some fabulous posts. Please go check them out if you missed them.

Mrs. Fever made a comment on my post deliberating whether to keep the meme running. She made some blunt and valid (good) points and I took the time to let them sink in before I decided what to do.

As you can see we are still here! (I say we as pet always has a thought or hand in the topics even though he doesn’t contribute as much). I’m just not ready to throw in the towel as there are not many other memes like this one. Mrs Fever runs her September Song Project which I will always promote, but other than us no one else combines the kinky with the music of their lives in meme form.

Enough rambling from me… what is the topic this round, you may ask? I wanted the first two weeks to be about the songs of 2021.

What song(s) give you hope for a positive new year? Which songs get your juices flowing and make you want to dance out the bad to make room for the new?

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8 thoughts on “Musically Ranting #12- Song of 2021

  1. I’m glad to see you are continuing this. 🙂

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the annual A-to-Z blogging challenge that takes place in April, but I am planning to write mine to the theme of “music” this year — not necessarily *about* music, but with music as inspiration (in much the same way as I approach SSP). Since you so often use lyrics as a jumping off point – both in your MR posts and elsewise – I thought I’d share; you are welcome to join me. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I will try to be better about joining in with your prompts this year. If there was one thing I did NOT feel during 2020, it was “participatory.” But I am hoping to get back to ‘joining in’ a little more consistently this year.

    Happy 2021!

    1. I am very familiar with the A-Z challenge, I did it in 2019 and 2020 🙂 I plan on doing it again this year as well, I’m still picking through my ideas of what to do this time. I look forward to seeing you in the challenge again and you know I would love to see you join in the prompts, but definitely no pressure. If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing 😉

      1. Oh of course! This past year your theme was centered around your son, I remember. (Sorry, my memory takes vacation sometimes without consulting me. *laugh*)

        I’ve been trying to find a 2021 the me song for your first prompt of the year — my brain is still turning over the possibilities. 🙂

  2. While I have never taken part in this meme, I’m glad you’re continuing. Sometimes it takes a while for something to catch on. And sometimes it has great worth even if there are few participants!

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