Musically Ranting #1- Goes Live!

Musically Ranting #1- Goes Live!

I love a good meme and there are plenty to go around in the blogging community. As sex bloggers we create memes with prompts that could be deemed a little risque. Okay, knowing some of my fellow bloggers- VERY risque and not so suitable for work…haha!

So why create a meme that is widely spread across the SFW side of blogging? Well, I love music and I include it in quite a few of my posts, and with the direction that 2020 has taken, I wanted to create something that was meant just for fun, no sex or smut required but… always welcome.

I have many future prompts planned and hopefully more ideas on the horizon. As this meme progresses I will share what is planned on my sidebar so that writing can be scheduled in advance. Before you jump into this first prompt I ask that you take a look at the Musically Ranting Page that can be found here or on the menu bar of my blog. I have a couple requests listed as well as the badge/code. If you have any questions, concerns, or an awesome idea you want to share please reach out to me on my blog or on Twitter (@RantingsofaNM).

Without further ado…

The theme for this first prompt is- “Go Your Own Way”

What do I mean by using the song from Fleetwood Mac as the prompt? Lindsay Buckingham felt that this song gave him the ability to appreciate the differences in his fellow band mates, but also knowing that when they came together they would create something amazing. So I would like you to share a song that you think is different, one that tells us a little about you. Tell us why you love it and how you think it relates to you.

Don’t forget to grab the badge and please link your post below on the InLinkz. The linky tool opens on Friday, May 1st at 9am CST and will close on Thursday, May 14th at 9pm CST. (I’ll reset the countdown on my blog as a reminder)

Also, please share your post on social media using the hashtag #MusicallyRanting

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11 thoughts on “Musically Ranting #1- Goes Live!

    1. Thank you Sweet ❤️ I hope it does well. I had Fleetwood Mac on my Spotify last night and just couldn’t get this song out of my head.

      The artist- Lissie does a wonderful cover of it too.

  1. I am often inspired for my writing by either titles or lyrics from songs so I feel this will be a great prompt with which to participate. I look forward to writing for this and to reading the contributions other people offer.
    Good luck – I’m sure it will prove popular.

    1. Thanks Posy 😊 I’m so glad there is a good response to it. Often I think a song/lyrics would be a good post and usually wait for a prompt to match up to it. I have one in my drafts now that is just waiting for the right time. ❤️

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