Make ’em laugh!

Make ’em laugh!

I grew up in a very loving and funny household. My dad is the corniest man I know and I love him to pieces. I’ve been blessed with his sense of humor. Pet can attest to that one!

If it’s corny, full of puns and all around has you shaking your head that is my kind of joke. Yes, it even translates to the bedroom. S and I have been together 12 years and one of the reasons why is our ability to laugh. He knows at times I’m an idiot and I don’t think he would have me any other way.

For example, the other night (when I received the colorful bruise on my bum) began with my foul mood and was easily shifted once we had some alone time. S will pleasure me first as he knows there are times that I just can’t orgasm. So after my spanking and 2 orgasms, I wanted to return the favor.

Now I don’t know about other men, but once we have been playing for awhile, mister downstairs is not quite as hard as when we start. So here in lies the perfect opportunity for some fun. I bet you won’t guess what happened next!

I scooted down, grabbed ahold of him and looked up at S, and very matter-of-factly stated, “Houston, we have a problem!” He smirked and sort of laughed (S has a 3 olive martini sense of humor). “He has a minor leakage problem and needs a bit more adjusting on the shaft.” Again smirks and a bit of a laugh from S. “Well it looks like I’m going in, I believe mouth-to-mouth should fix him him upright!” This time he gave an actual laugh. After a bit of resuscitation I released him and yelled, “I juss can’t do it Cap’n! I don’ have the pow’r!” He lost it at that point. Amidst his laughing he sat up, grabbed me by the hair, pushed me down and took me from behind. It was his turn now, “Needs more thrust!” He said as he is pounding into me. When it came time to come he pulled out, flipped me over and released on my chest. I smirked and said, “Ah man, he dumped his load all over my mounds. Clean up on aisle 3!”

Our relationship may not be the D/s that I want, but he does know how to take care of me and keep me safe. In return, I’ll keep making him laugh.

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    1. Sorry if it seems I missed your comment Rebel, for some reason it went to spam. ?‍♀️
      Being able to laugh in the relationship is one of the best parts. ?

  1. – this post definitely appealed to my mischievous side….. I enjoyed your intergalactic discoveries


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