Life on the edge

This hike was similar to others we had taken. Usually not much clothing, a photo session, then getting my brains fucked out. The difference with this one was that we began this hike in just our underwear. Well he was content in his boxers. I wasn’t allowed a bra and had only a g-string covering my front. He was really enjoying this.

It was a pretty hot day, we decided mid-morning was a good time to set off as the avid hikers would be up the mountain at dawn. Beads of sweat were forming on my back and chest. I was glistening and we were only 20 minutes into the hike. He stopped a few paces ahead of me, turned around to face me and smirked. “You know, I do love to watch your tits move as you walk.” I’m sure the look I gave him was along the lines of ‘are you fucking kidding me’! He waited for me to catch up, smacked my bare ass, kissed me and started back up the mountainside.

“It’s not much further. Trust me the view is breathtaking.” He panted and looked over his shoulder at me. The trees begin to thin out so I know we are pretty high up. I mutter under my breath, “yeah yeah shorty is coming”. No matter how hard I push I just can’t keep his pace. The trees disappear and we are at the top, I must admit the view was amazing. I stood there catching my breath and taking it all in. I didn’t notice his movement behind me until I heard the click. So this was the plan, he wanted to “enjoy the view” of me, naked, exposed to the world.

His arms snake under mine and pull me back against him. He kisses the top of my head and his hands move to fondle my breasts. “Oh baby, I love seeing you like this.” His breath right against my ear. I lean into him and moan. His right hand slides down my stomach and into my panties. I’m soaked from sweat and him. He circles my clit as he pinches my nipple. His soft kisses on my neck is my undoing, my legs start to tremble and I moan louder. “Yes, baby. Give it to me.” I can’t hold back, my legs and core stiffen as I come, drenching his fingers in my juices. He softly rubs my clit until I stop shaking. “Good girl. Now it’s my turn.”

He finds a boulder and walks me over to it. Bends me over it and pulls the g-string to the side. He slips right into my wet pussy. He groans, his hands on my hips, fingers digging into my pelvis as he thrusts harder. The rock rubbing against my breasts makes my nipples raw. He thrusts faster his moans matching mine. He empties inside me, pumping every last drop into me. He pulls out, adjusts his boxers and fixes my thong.

“It’s going to be a slick walk back baby!” He winks, picks up his bag and starts heading back down the mountain.

8 thoughts on “Life on the edge

  1. What my comment meant to say is “The Meany! Much as the idea of being naked and uninhibited in nature is fab, and juicy sex is wonderful I just can’t get past the idea of being all chafey and sticky walking back”…then I realise this sounds a little too much like it might be sort of based in experience and sidle back out of the comments section quietly… 😉

    1. Hahaha.. no worries! It was experience and yes he was a big meany for leaving me all sticky. He did make it up to me though. ?

  2. Now I missed this somehow… but if it were me, I wouldn’t have left you on a sticky mess. 1: I’m not allowed to cum without permission and 2: I’m to clean up any mess I make with my mouth. So you would have been good.
    I love that you went hiking like this. Wherever you live, that is a marvellous bonus for living there. Here I’d get arrested… ☺️

    1. I didn’t have much say in the matter, I’m only dominant with pet. ? I’m sure I would have received much more than stickiness if I had said what I was thinking! ?

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