It’s time for…

It’s time for…


And we’re zany to the max

So just sit back and relax

You’ll laugh ’til you collapse

We’re Animaniacs!

I loved cartoons as a child and even now as an adult. Saturday mornings were always filled with Looney Toons and Scooby Doo. As a teenager Animaniacs made the scene and I was hooked. It warms my heart to say that my son has stolen my Animaniacs DVD set and loves them just as much as I do.

It’s time for another Good Idea/Bad Idea..

Good idea.. holding onto your youth by watching cartoons with your child.

Bad idea.. holding onto your youth by acting like a child.

The good idea/bad idea segments were always my favorite part of the show. Many of them were poking fun of those warning labels on products. What I mean is that warning tag on the curling iron that states for external use only. Makes me wonder who was the person that made that label necessary. Thus.. the jokes behind some of the shows.

Helllllooo Nurse!

There are some segments that reek of sexism. Heloise Nerz (Hello Nurse) was the Barbie doll of the show, big boobs, tiny waist, and about as smart as a box of rocks. Yakko and Wacko were the sex crazed boys, but of course this was always implied and never said directly. They remind me of the construction workers catcalling women as they pass by.

There many more characters in the show like Mindy and Buttons- the dog always saving the child from perpetual doom, and the dog always the one being blamed for the destruction. And I couldn’t leave out The Good Feathers- the three mob pigeons and their undying loyalty to the Godpigeon.

There’s a lot to unpack but this post could go on and on and on… Hahaha. So I shall leave you with this gem-

Good idea

Whistling while you work

Bad idea

Whistling while you eat

4 thoughts on “It’s time for…

  1. I watched a lot of Animaniacs growing up, but for some reason, I’m drawing a blank when it comes to Hello Nurse. Perhaps, the lapse is memory is a sign of aging…nooooo! Haha.

    Thank you for bringing up the sexism in the cartoon as I think it’s something we don’t see when we’re younger. I’m sure there’s plenty of sexism or racism that I missed even in many of the Disney movies.

  2. I seem to remember some of the Animaniacs, but not in as much detail as you do. I think this is because it was something my kids used to watch, not me. Your remark about the curling iron made me smile!
    ~ Marie

    PS: I added your post to WW xox

  3. Good post – not a cartoon On my radar but You sound as if u enjoyed it – halcyon days. you’re right to point towards casual Stereotyping & sexism in cartoons.

    I’ve recently become aware of A woman who battled for better representation in videgames – Gamergate. It’s good to make ourselves aware of these things

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