If Atlas Falls

If Atlas Falls

A little mythology lesson for those who don’t know of Atlas. He was the leader of the Titans rebellion against Olympus (think Zeus), when the Titans lost Zeus punished Atlas by making him stand in the Western part of the world and hold up the heavens for all eternity.

The push is always part of us

And gravity’s never a friend

Deciding on who we can trust

And finding our way to crescendo

To the unknown

Our biggest push began this year with the virus. It separated us from one another and still does not have an end in sight. It has caused more strife and grief than many people want to acknowledge. The truth of where or how this virus began is still in question. Some countries are still trying to enforce a lockdown while others, like the US, are determined to open the economy. Personally, I don’t think we will ever know the real truth.

We’ll never make it outside

Lest we unlock the past and release

The future that we’ve left to die

For too long we’ve taken placebos

But the unknown, is awakening

The next push was set in motion by the wrongful deaths of several black people by the hands of police officers. Police brutality has happened for many years but it was essentially swept under the rug in the US. Combined with the suppression of our livelyhood in the US, a breaking point was reached. It was time to stop swallowing the placebos our government and criminal justice system forced down our throats. Protests began 9 days ago, some cities were able to maintain peaceful protests while others were set on fire. The riots were large and frightening as many of us watched our communities destroyed.

Don’t give up now

There’s already so much at stake

If Atlas falls

I’ll rise up and carry us all the way

So where do we go from here? What will happen to the US? Will it fall from the crushing weight on the economy? Or will it fall from the fires turning everything to ashes?

I think it starts with one voice. One voice, then another and another, until we are all able to hold up our piece of the heavens. States have reopened in phases and at their own pace; bringing people back into their jobs and relieving some of the pressure that so many have felt. The protests continue and the #BLM has many new voices, shining the light on the unequal and unfair treatment of black people. More pieces of the heavens are being held up as more people acknowledge that change needs to happen now.

No, we can never look back

Return to the salt and the sea

The quiet is only a trap

And I will not take the placebos

‘Cause the unknown is awakening

But I will crescendo

I’ve stayed quiet for far too long. By not standing up for those I saw being treated unfairly made me a part of the problem. This is my truth and I’m acknowledging it now to hold myself accountable. I told myself that I didn’t see color, and how wrong I was to believe that. My best friend has two children that have had problem after problem in school, her other two have not. The difference is two out of the four children are black. The problems were not because of something these children did wrong, they were the scapegoats. It was easier to place blame on children who were already at a disadvantage. The schools will NEVER tell you that though.

I am far from perfect and I will make many more mistakes before my time is through. I’ve forgiven myself for my past naivity and hold myself up to a higher standard. It’s not enough to take what the government force feeds you. It’s not enough to let the criminal justice system get away with murder. I am one voice, but it is a strong voice, strong enough to hold up a piece of the heavens for those that need it.

Don’t give up now

There’s already so much at stake

If Atlas falls

I’ll rise up and carry us all the way

It won’t pull me down

The weight of impossible days

I’ll stand tall

I’ll rise up and carry us all the way

Atlas Falls by Shinedown

13 thoughts on “If Atlas Falls

  1. well said, I think many have had there eyes opened during this time, myself included. We can no longer be satisfied with the status quo or that how it has always been.

  2. Brilliant post Jae. i love how you have set it out and agree with so much.
    “Personally, I donโ€™t think we will ever know the real truth.” – i totally agree there is/was more at play here than we know.
    “I told myself that I didnโ€™t see color” – it is only by seeing colour that we can fight the injustice. ML wrote a fascinating post about this.
    TY for linking this Jae – such a strong piece
    May xx

  3. I loved this Jae, you have shown such wisdom and sympathy. I would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, raisng my arms to support while lending my voice to yours x

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