How we live D/s 24/7

I came across this question today and thought it could use some addressing.

“How is it possible to live a 24/7 lifestyle? You can’t submit 24 hours a day, it just isn’t possible.”

So many people get tunnel visioned when learning about D/s. There is so much information and not one right answer but many. I’ve not met a single person who can dominate or submit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Life happens and people change.

The bigger question is what does living D/s 24/7 mean to you? That is what truly matters.

Pet and I don’t live together, so much of our relationship is via phone and other means. Do I want him to? Hell yes, but we take what we can for now. We have set protocols and rules. When those rules get broken we address it and remedy it. The kink aspect of our relationship is really a very small part. What matters to us is how we interact and communicate with each other. That is how we live 24/7. I don’t want him on his knees all day, every day . I just want him to think of how I would respond to something if I’m not there. For the most part he does. He has the occasional “oops I forgot” moments, but he does circle back to us and addresses it with me.

This is how we live our dynamic. It works for us and when life gets a little chaotic we adjust. Our happiness is 24/7.

7 thoughts on “How we live D/s 24/7
  1. Thank you for sharing, J. Lynn.

    For me, 24/7 exists in the mind. It is a state of being where I never stop thinking of her as the Domme and of myself as her sub. Life will always call on us to be our various selves, but we can keep the spirit alive.

    As for a different perspective on it, I feel lucky that early on when I was first doing research many years ago that I read the phrase, “24/7 doesn’t mean D/s all the time, it means D/s at any time.” That always sort of stuck with me and I pass it on frequently to others when the 24/7 idea comes up.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you Fur!
      I have to say I’m in love with that phrase…it’s just, perfect!
      You are most certainly correct, D/s is about 90% mental and 10% physical. Sometimes even more skewed. If you aren’t in the right headspace things said can be taken out of context and become hurtful. An impact play session can become truly painful and even damaging.
      Pet tells me all the time that he is thinking of me, of us. It’s reassuring as I’m always thinking of him. Even in our bleakest moments we have our love for another and we keep moving forward.

      1. Thank you, J. Lynn. It is quite a good one. The term 24/7 is daunting to many people and I find that description of it helps to take the edge off.

        Submissive mental space is a cherished place for me. It sounds like it is for him as well.

        Take care.

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    How can you have a 24/7 relationship when it’s long distance? Some insights in this post and comments

    1. You are absolutely correct! Rules can be broken and mended, a person’s well-being is not as easily fixed. I’ve never condoned “breaking a sub”. If a dominant feels it is necessary then maybe they aren’t in the right relationship.

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