We have a new relationship, but we have been connected for years. He was my first love, my first real passionate kiss. He claimed my virginity. He was the love of my life, I just didn’t know it then.

What’s so funny, ironic and maybe a little amazing is that we have always been close to each other in location, no matter where we moved. We lost touch for many years, too many, but somehow our little red string never broke or frayed. It just kept taunt until it was time to pull us back together.

He moved out to Utah to live with me when we were young. As things go, we broke up. He stayed for awhile longer but then went “home”. “Home” for us was where our families reside, not necessarily where we wanted to be. As things go, I moved back “home” to help my family. This time we were merely 3 hours from each other, not knowing it of course.

As life goes, he got married and moved to Pennsylvania. I met my son’s father and low and behold, I did the same. This time we were only 2 hours apart in regards to vicinity. Of course, neither of us knew it then.

Time goes on he divorces, moves to Vermont and I move back “home”. The irony here is that he lives a measly 22 miles from my family member who owns an inn in Vermont. So not as close for the two of us, but that little red string is still pulling.

Now, he is moving back “home”. This time is different though… I am already here and he is coming back home to me. I am his true home. I’m his safe haven. I’m the keeper of his heart. Our little red string doesn’t have to pull so hard anymore. We are where we should be. We are home.

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