Hold Me While You Wait

Hold Me While You Wait

I think I’ve finally gotten to a point in my relationship with pet that I have stopped apologizing for the past. We are happy now and we just want to keep moving forward. That doesn’t mean that things won’t trigger past feelings and how hard it was to get through. One way that we both deal with those feelings is through music.

Pet and I are music fiends. Our taste in music drastically differs but we still share those songs that touch us in someway. I’m sure if we ever created a soundtrack of our relationship it would drive people bonkers!

I was listening to this song while I was reading through emails this morning and came across Mx Nillin’s post about their triad ending. It was heart-wrenching and yet they were still positive through it all. The song seemed to fit with their situation as well.

I’m waitin’ up, savin’ all my precious time
Losin’ light, I’m missin’ my same old us
Before we learned our truth too late
Resigned to fate, fadin’ away
So tell me, can you turn around?
I need someone to tear me down
Oh, tell me, can you turn around?
But either way

Hold me while you wait
I wish that I was good enough (hold me while you wait)
If only I could wake you up (hold me while you wait)
My love, my love, my love, my love
Won’t you stay a while? (Hold me while you wait)

I’m still fighting back the tears of emotion that this song and their post brings me. I’m not saying this for anyone to feel sorry for me, I’m saying this because it hurts and we are allowed- no we need to acknowledge our feelings.

This also makes me think of all those years ago when pet waited and waited for me to come back to him. When I didn’t he moved on through his life but never let go of us completely. I didn’t let go either, if I had we wouldn’t be where we are now.
So I guess you could say figuratively, I did hold him while I waited… I held him in my heart as we waited for each other again. He forgave me for the pain I caused and I’ve forgiven myself for it as well. No more apologies necessary.
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6 thoughts on “Hold Me While You Wait

  1. Oh I do love a good playlist, I actually would love to see relationship playlists from fellow bloggers. I’ve never created a playlist with someone, but I nearly always have a playlist (or back in the day a set of albums) specific to the person I’m fond of. It’s daft because they don’t always know those songs make me think of them, I think Bakji eventually figured that out perhaps after 4 years of listening to the same songs, lol! This is a lovely post, thank you for sharing x

    1. Thank you Floss ❤️ You are so right, I’ve always associated music with people. I come from a very musical family and it’s always been an influence in my life.

  2. Sometimes life just shows us the longer path rather than the short one to find our happiness. Like for you, music is very important to me and can trigger emotions from even many years ago.

    Rebel xox

    1. Absolutely! I go back to “The Road Not Taken” when it comes to the paths of pet and me. Our paths split for many years but eventually met again. ❤️

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