Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting

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I was breathing hard after the last set of deadlifts. The sweat was soaking through my shirt and making me feel sticky. I had one more set to go and I couldn’t wait to feel the cold shower that would inevitably follow. It would also get rid of this damn hard-on. I had added weight to my lifts recently and it made the erections happen more frequently. I knew it was a normal response as blood rushes to your lower body when lifting, but it still didn’t make it any less embarrassing.

I finished the last set, re-racked the weights and put the bar back where it belonged. I felt like I was being watched, as I bent over to grab my gymbag I glanced to the side. There was only one other guy in the weight room and he seemed pretty occupied with his dumbbells and music blaring through his earpieces. I shrugged off the feeling and headed to the showers.

My bag thudded as it hit the shower room floor. I peeled the shirt, shorts and boxers off and dropped them next to my bag. I turned the single shower knob to the cold side. Frowning as my erection was still there. I stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed. I began shampooing my hair and as I was getting a good lather I heard the door open. There were several showers so I didn’t pay too much attention to the noises around the room. I was enjoying the cool water on my skin as I continued to run my fingers through my hair. Eyes closed I fell into a trance like state.

I didn’t hear the curtain move, but I felt the cold draft of air. I opened my eyes and froze. The man from the weight room had stepped into the shower with me. His finger to his lips motioning to keep quiet. The man’s hands reaching for my head. His fingers ran through my hair, so I tilted my head back and let the water rinse away the shampoo. God it felt good. Once the shampoo was washed away he picked up my conditioner bottle, squeezed some into his hand and worked it through my hair. This man knew what he was doing, massaging my head in all the right places.

I glanced down and much to my surprise he was just as hard as I was. My hands ran down his sides as he continued massaging me, moving down my neck to my shoulders. I ran one hand down to his cock and slid it over the head and down his shaft. He moaned. I looked up into his eyes and he met my gaze. He moved in closer and his lips met mine. His hands were back in my hair and he clenched fistfuls. His lips so hot pulling at mine, his tongue pushing it’s way into my mouth. I stroked his cock a bit faster. My cock now dribbling as my erection never did go away.

He pulled away and kneeled down, the water now beating over his head. I stepped back up against the wall. His hand slid down my cock and he took me into his mouth. Fuck his mouth was so hot and I was ready to cum. I didn’t want to be a one-minute man but he knew how to play my body like a fiddle. “Oh fuck!” I called out as his mouth worked my head and up and down my shaft. His hands rubbing and massaging my ass cheeks. I heard the door again and my entire body stiffened but only for a moment as he continued the assault on my cock.

The curtain wasn’t completely closed but at this point I didn’t really care. My body had relaxed into his hands and I wanted to cum so badly. I turned my head, eyes like slits as I drifted in ecstasy. I saw someone standing on the other side of the curtain, I couldn’t tell who it was as I all could see were feet. My moans grew louder, my cock stiffened even more, “oh god I’m going to cum!” He bobbed faster and sucked as I spilled into his mouth. My body shaking as I kept ejaculating. He swallowed all of it. He stood back up and reached behind me to turn the knob to hot. I stood there a trembling mess. His hand cupped my chin and he kissed me softly.

That’s when I heard her, “Wow guys that was really hot!”


22 thoughts on “Heavy Lifting

  1. I’ve been told that I overshare, and yet I cannot find a single drawback to Beloved knowing every button I have. I once shared with her this fantasy, and here it is. I love you so much!

    1. Thank you May ? It’s always challenging to write from the opposite gender’s point of view. I’m hoping I did it justice.

    1. Always a way to participate! Lol it may not always be in how we would like to but hey someone has to watch and clap ?

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