Going My Own Way

Going My Own Way

It’s the year 1975 and Fleetwood Mac’s 10th album was just released. Rumours had many number one hits and the band could be heard all over the radio. Granted, I wasn’t born until ’82 but I recall this cassette being played over and over in my dad’s candy apple green ’71 Chevelle. My parents have always been music lovers and they instilled the love of music in me. My dad still sings to me when I’m having a hard time or when he is just in a goofy mood. To this day Fleetwood Mac is my mom’s favorite band, so I thought they would be the perfect choice to share.

Go Your Own Way was the kick off to this meme and has always held a special place in my heart. My parents grew up with us as they had my brother and I in their early 20s. I’m so lucky to have such amazing role models in my life as they never stifled me in any decisions I’ve made. They gave me room to make my mistakes and learn from them. They taught me to “go my own way” but also know that they support me.

You would think Go Your Own Way would be my favorite song from this album, but it is actually The Chain. The reason I love it so much is that it is the only song on the album that each bandmember was given credit to creating. It’s one of those songs that gives you hope, even through the twists and kinks in the chain it can still hold us together. It reminds me of the little red string that is tied between me and pet.

There so many other songs on this album that I could dive into and write pages upon pages but I wanted to keep from rambling and losing interest. So I’ll leave you with this- I might not agree with how the band lineup is now but I will always keep this album on my list and the repeat button is always on.

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