Functional Freestyle

Functional Freestyle

I think I speak for everyone when I say my personal style has changed a lot over the years. It’s normal; Reinvention of the Self is a key part of growing up. I went from goth to grunge, and when I hit my twenties I went a completely different direction when I discovered Trance music and EDM.

The operative abbreviation in EDM is the D (giggity), which stands for Dance (except on nights where it turns into Dick, there I said it), and dancing has a style all its own. Every style of dance accompanies it’s own style of music, and in turn reflects its own fashion. On the underground dance floors and at raves across the country, that style is less and less a question of fashion, and more a question of functionality.

Parachute pants, streamers, track jackets, comfy sneakers, caps, and for those so inclined, pacifiers and beads. Oh yes, straight up late 90s to early 00s rave. The media laughed at us, but what they were missing was the mobility of baggy nylon pants and track suits, the obscuring capacity of caps on a dance floor covered in flashing lights, and pacifiers to alleviate tooth grinding when that twelve hour roll starts to peak, beads to touch and fidget with at the same time. Everything was a matter of comfort with minimal flare to maximize time on the dance floor.

For me, it was a pair of black polyester Caffiene brand pants, a slick white track jacket that allowed my movements to be fluid, and a wool cap on my head for the cool walk home.

I’m fairly certain this image was taken while this track was playing.

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