9 thoughts on “FPF (Day 12)- Smeared
      1. Yes me too, I enjoy his hot load in my throat and feeling his swelling go down as I keep him in my mouth until he has finished. I love his taste too.
        I dont get it as much as I would like these days because I have him swallow it now generally.

  1. Right there with you. I love sucking cock. But I have a hard time swallowing cum…. I love cum, it’s beautiful and erotic and warm and silky but… it’s just hard to swallow. Tips? Lol

    1. Best tip I can offer, stop thinking about it. When we are pleasing him and he ejaculates try to think of your favorite warm drink and swallow. Also the farther back the better. Texture on the tongue is often the culprit.

      1. Great tip. I will try it. I love giving pleasure. It would be nice to just let him sit back and enjoy a blow job without any pressure to do anything else other than cum down my throat. Thx!

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