F4Thought- Decadence

F4Thought- Decadence

Slide your fingers around it, feel how warm and soft it is. Lick the sweet melty frosting off your fingers as you gently pull it apart…

I love to bake. It’s always been something I’m good at doing. I’m not talking about cooking, just baking. Yes there really is a difference! I could burn water if left to my own devices. I don’t match up savory flavors well and quite frankly, I just don’t like to cook. I’m pretty spoiled that the men in my life love to cook and do it pretty well.

I started baking in high school but I didn’t really get into it until about 5 years ago. When things are out of control, and my body feels like crap, baking is something that re-centers me- it’s my meditation. I’ve heard it said to cook or bake with love and your food will taste amazing, I think it’s true. Whenever I try a new recipe my goal is to soak in the aromas of the spices. I immerse myself in the ingredients and watching them come together brings me a sense of peace.

I love to share my baked goods as well. Breads, cakes and cookies are my go-to treats and are easy to transport. Seeing the joy spread across the person’s face is so heart-warming and feeds into my submissive side.

Baking isn’t the first thing you think of when you read about submission. It falls in quite well though, domestic service is usually on the list when you read about qualities of a submissive. The Doms I’ve been priveledged to serve have all enjoyed my delicacies. As odd as it sounds baking is my indulgence and the things I bake are just as indulgent.

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25 thoughts on “F4Thought- Decadence

  1. I can attest to the absolute veracity of this post. Beloved bakes the *best* confections.

    Ask her about her pumpkin cookies! ?

  2. I have always liked baking the most. When I started a chef’s apprenticeship I planned to transfer over to the pastry kitchen. Even though I could never live off all the baked goods, I have always loved the creation of things like scones.

          1. Yep. Out of oven is best. Supermarket bakeries would prefer to cook meth if they could. Always a test of a suburb is it’s supermarket bakery and if they have bread available at an hour people have gone to the village bakery for thousands of years. If not… you know there is a lot of drugs in town

          1. Best thing I have heard today.
            My grandmother was my first love and friend in life. She taught me to cook from when I was a small boy. When I got to year 7 in an elitist boys school my best mate was another boy who could also cook. All the other boys had housekeepers or mothers who had never worked. My mate was gay but big and pretty mad. I was just mad though we both dropped out early. We didn’t identify with the place because we had learned to look after ourselves. He died in 98.
            Cooking is spiritual and brings people together.

          2. He was a good friend and a great person. Great cook too. Thanks for the chat.
            I guess when Black Sabbath enters life you know school is about to be given the ass for good.

  3. What about the pumpkin cookies? As much as I love your post, I now am getting cravings. Good news is, I’m allowed to! Bad news, I don’t think my German bakery is open anymore. I’ve been wondering why I’m having not much luck with D/s relationships. Perhaps it’s because I don’t cook.?

    1. Pet was being silly. I do make a really good pumpkin chocolate chip cookie that isn’t overwhelmingly pumpkin.
      The cravings are good.. for the most part ?
      I’m sorry to hear about your bakery. I can’t wait to go back again just to sit in a cafe and have some amazing coffee!
      I doubt your cooking abilities had a detrimental affect on your relationships. I just happened to browse through some of the lists and domestic service is on there in some form be it cooking, cleaning, or any other domestic task. That doesn’t mean in any way that a submissive has to do any of those things. Pet is service oriented, it feeds his submissive mental space to do those things for me.

  4. I dont bake but my man does now and then and I love eating the fruits of his ventures – apparently there is some kind of recipe/cooking thing ran for sex bloggers. Feve left a message on my Nov Soss about it. I am going to check it out – it is on the 10th Dec. Pop over to my post and u can find the link in the comments section if u fancy checking it out too x

    1. Awesome! I will do that. Quinn @onqueerstreet is running a BDSM Bake-off challenge too until the end of December. Pet has written a story for it which is in edit mode ?

  5. I wasn’t thinking about baking when I started reading your words, and cake frosting and pulling apart wasn’t what I had in mind. But then I realized you were talking about culinary arts and I do love baked goods too. Now ,I am picturing you bustling about in your kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron, as the aroma of sweet delights fills the room.

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