One of the greatest things a Domme can do for her sub is silence his mind. To allow him to let go of the world, and to simply just “be”.

With this past month being so chaotic with schedules, family, and end of year commitments the little things tend to fall through the cracks.

Something that didn’t fall through was our communication. We made it a priority that even if we didn’t talk much throughout the day that the other knew what was happening and when.

I didn’t need to do any chest pounding “I am Domme, hear me roar” crap because that is not who we are. When something changed he sent me a message and kept me reprised of all of his whereabouts.

Granted we didn’t get our lengthy discussions, but this was enough to keep us connected.

So this morning when I called him on his way to work he just sighed. I asked him what was on his mind and he said, “I just love hearing your voice.” That put me in the right head space for him. When he says things like that it makes me feel like I’m doing this the right way for us.

This afternoon I received this message,

‘Hearing your voice silences all the superfluous noise in my life.’

That message says it all. I am his calm. His safe place. He is free to be himself and say what is on his mind without any fear of being judged.

The beauty of our relationship is that we are of two minds, but together we are whole.

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