Caged p. 8

Caged p. 8

20 minutes goes really fast being figuratively tied to a chair. She smelled so good, a mixture of coconut from her hair and the spices from cooking. He watched her saunter back over to the oven and set the bubbling cheesy concoction on the trivets. Not only did it smell amazing it looked delicious. “Silly boy, stop gawking and hand me two plates from the dish rack over there.” He scurried over to the rack picked up the plates and placed them gently on the granite counter top. He walked back to the rack and picked out 2 sets of goblets, one for water and one for wine. It may have been a little presumptuous but any Italian restaurant that he had been to served wine. He also picked out forks and knives as well. He set them out on the dark burgundy tablecloth and folded two napkins to place under the silverware.

He glanced at her as he turned to head back to the kitchen island. She had a look of approval and a small smile formed. He blushed for what felt like the 50th time that night. He picked up the plates and carefully moved them to the table. She grabbed a bottle of what looked to be a red wine and uncorked it. She filled a water carafe and took them both to the table as well. He poured the water first and left the wine to breath before pouring it.

They dug into the eggplant and he couldn’t help but moan. She laughed, “I’m happy you approve.” He poured wine into each of their glasses and he waited for her to take the first sip. “So Mark, after we finish eating I have one more task before we head out to the movies.” He nodded. They finished the meal with small talk. He told her he lived alone and wasn’t really close with his family. He had a cat who kept him company when he was home. They finished the wine and he stood to clear the table. “Oh don’t worry about that right now, I have something else in mind.” She smirked.

She went back to the kitchen island and picked up the towel she had used previously as a blindfold. This time she also grabbed a clip and some twine used to tie duck or other fowl. “Ready for the next part?” He nodded vigorously, “I am!” He could barely contain his excitement. She smiled a wide toothy grin. She had him sit once more in order to clip the blindfold into place. She took his hands and pulled him up. “Just follow me and don’t let go.” He shuffled his bare feet across the cold floor. The room felt like it was getting colder still. His teeth began to chatter. They stopped and she had him turn. “I want you to sit down gently. I’m going to tie your hands behind you as well.” This room was definitely colder and there was carpet or a rug beneath his feet.

“There! All tied.” She removed the clip and took off the towel blindfold. He looked up and there in the doorway was Salvador. He looked around to Sam. The look of confusion spread across his face, he could see his breath linger in the air. He was in a freezer. She moved towards Salvador and pulled back the rug. He lifted his feet so they wouldn’t touch the freezing floor. “Sam? Wh-what’s going o-on?” He said, teeth chattering harder.

“Oh, Mark you silly gullible boy. You would be surprised at what people are willing to pay for ‘special’ meat.” She giggled and glanced up at Salvador. “B-b-but I thought you wa-wanted a submissive t-to s-s-serve you?” He stammered.

“Don’t worry Mark, you’ll be serving for quite a while..” she and Salvador laughed hysterically as the door to the freezer slammed shut.

The end. Check out my categories tab for the beginning of this story under Blog days of summer or Short fiction.

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