Caged p. 6

Caged p. 6

He couldn’t help but grin when he saw the spread laid out on the countertops. It was a little odd to come to an unmarked building to cook. “Mark, I would like you to meet my friend Salvador. He is opening this Italian restaurant in a couple of months. I asked if we could test out his prep area and kitchen.” She read his mind like a book, he could relax a little now. She took his hand and guided him behind the island. “One more thing Mark, strip.. except for the panties. I can’t have your uniform getting dirty.” He stood there, his feet frozen to the floor. “Silly man, you’ll have an apron so you won’t get dirty or burned. Don’t worry Salvador is leaving and left me a key to lock up when we are done. I wouldn’t expose you to him, well not on the first meeting.” She winked at me and leaned back on her elbows and waited. He glanced around the room and began unbuttoning his shirt. A coat rack was conveniently off to the side of the prep counter, he hung the shirt and bent over to untie his shoes. He slid a shoe off then the sock carefully placing it just inside the shoe. He gave the same care to the other shoe and sock. The floor was unbelievably cold but he didn’t say a word about it, if this is what she wanted then she shall have it. He unbottoned the pants, slid them off and hung them next to the shirt. He heard her snicker, he was sure it was the ruffles on the panties sending her into small fits of laughter. He felt the cage pull right up against him as the air moved through the cage. He walked back to the prep station and looked around for a recipe. “Oh no my dear, no recipe for this one. You will memorize what we are doing tonight and if things go well you will make it again at some point in the future.” He felt the heat rise in his face even though the rest of him was a bit chilled. “Hand me an apron and you may put the other one on.” He took one apron and held it so he could place it over her head, he moved behind her so he could tie the strings in place. He then put the other apron on himself hastily tying it behind him. “Are you ready?” She glanced up at him and her one eyebrow arched in such a way it made his cock twitch…

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