Caged p. 5

Caged p. 5

I watched the smile drift across his face, his cheeks turning a lovely pink color. I wonder if they match the panties he has on? I can tell already that I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one. I had to reign myself in a few times during our first meeting. He is so very sweet and craves direction. “We are going out for dinner and a movie. Do you have a time frame this evening?” He nodded and said, “No Mistress, my time is yours to do with as you please”. I turned towards the door, waiting to see what he was going to do. He followed behind me and as I was reaching for my jacket he spoke up, “Mistress, if you would please allow me..” I dropped my arm and he took ahold of the coat and held it up to slide one arm and then the other into it. “Do you have a jacket to wear? I don’t want you to be too uncomfortable on our first adventure.” He blushed again, “Yes, I left it in my car as I didn’t want to clutter your home. If I may, I can grab it before we leave.. or.. well ummm that is if you would prefer to drive. I can drive you if you wish,” he stammered nervously. Now this was interesting, he had no problem speaking when we were at the coffee shop but now that I had him by the balls, well caged, he was a bundle of nerves. “You may drive, maybe it will help take the edge off. I do hope to have a decent conversation with you so let’s just drop the formalities for tonight. You’ve not signed anything and I have not asked anything of you but a change in attire.” I’m beginning to think the color of his cheeks is going to be rather permanent tonight. He slides around me to open the car door. He holds his hand out and for a moment I’m confused. “I know you are not a frail or injured woman, I would very much like to assist you Misstr.. ummm,” I giggled, ” You can call me Sam for now”. I winked as I took his hand and seated myself comfortably in the front seat. The door shut with a soft thud. He slid into the driver’s seat, started the car, adjusted the air controls so they weren’t blowing directly on me. “I’m afraid I must ask where we are going Sam.” I gave him a sly smile and the address. We pulled up to a store front 10 minutes later. He gave me a quizzical look and practically flew out of his seat. He opened my door before I had time to reach the handle. I smiled again and nodded. I took his hand and slid out of the seat. I walked up to the glass door and tapped lightly. There were no signs so he truly had no idea what was going to happen. “Do you trust me so far Mark?” He nodded as he tried to peer through the glass. The door clicked and opened. “Bella! Come come, we are ready to begin!” The man’s voice boomed. I glanced back at Mark and I was filled with warmth, his gaze was focused on the countertop lined with ingredients, he had the biggest goofiest smile plastered on his face. This was definitely going to be fun…

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