April A-Z 2021- (A) Journey to finding inner peace and happiness

April A-Z 2021- (A) Journey to finding inner peace and happiness

There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path. -Buddha

I’m pretty sure many of us can say this past year has just been one long rollercoaster. There were many times that I forgot what day it was and what I was supposed to accomplish that particular day. It was so easy to get caught up in the negativity and being confined to our homes only propogated the negativity.

While dealing with the virus, I had to realign my thinking and how I go about my daily tasks. I was also having health problems, not virus related, that I was trying to work through. The only way that I could keep up the pace of my day to day grind was to look inward.

I’m not a religious person, so to say I turned to God would be a lie. Instead I pulled out my “Sayings of the Buddha” book and started flipping through it. I wasn’t looking for anything particular but did land on several sayings about happiness. It wasn’t a slap across the face ah-ha moment; I let the words simmer and soak in.

I went back to those sayings several times before I truly understood what I had to do. The only person that could make me happy was myself. I had to be responsible for my happiness and stop letting others dictate what or who was going to make me happy. Only then could I share my happiness with others.

This is only the beginning of my path of happiness and finding the inner peace that so many of us seek.

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6 thoughts on “April A-Z 2021- (A) Journey to finding inner peace and happiness

  1. And it is a never-ending journey…some days harder than others.

    I love how a simple quote can center us…help us go inward and find just what we need.

    It means, obviously, it was there all along, we just need practice finding it on our own.

  2. Even though I have barely ever read Buddha sayings – only when someone share it like you did here – that is something I can agree with, that we have to make our own happiness, and only then we can share it with others. It’s a constant process, like life is teaching us over and over again.
    Take care, Jae.
    ~ Marie xox

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