About Me

I think I’ve always been a writer. From a very young age I loved to read. I don’t have a favorite genre, I just love books. The smell of old pages, musty libraries, and the feeling that I could be anyone. So naturally, the next step would be to write.

I used to write poetry in high school. I’ve tried my hand at writing some short stories as well. However, I feel like writing like this, on a blog, jotting down my thoughts, is how I’m most successful.

Along with the stories comes the vivid imagination. I could dream up at least 3 alternate endings in a novel. I think this is what draws me into kink. The endless possibilities of people, scenes and so many opinions.

Here I’m not the awkward one, the shy one, the closed book. Here I can speak of my truths and not be judged. Here… I am just me.