A-Z Challenge 2020- Upside down, Vulnerability and Worry

A-Z Challenge 2020- Upside down, Vulnerability and Worry

When I think of words to describe my son I often think soft, sweet, funny, and curious. He sees the world through many colored lenses and his humor is viewed the same way. We have been reading a lot of Shel Silverstein’s books of poetry lately and his silly, nonsensical views of the world remind me what it’s like to be a kid.

I remember as a child I would lay at the foot of my bed, hanging my head over the bottom and watching everyone go up and down the hallway upside down. This is something B has “inherited” from me. “Mommy! You look so silly” he says, while trying to stifle his giggles. This gives me the invitation to tickle him and make him laugh even more. I love his laugh, it’s music to my ears.

Being such a sweet kid also makes him vulnerable, and not always in a good way. It breaks my heart that he has already had to deal with bullies. He doesn’t understand why other kids have to be so mean when he just wants friends to play with.

Being a blogger has opened me up a lot more and I find that I am facing some of the same scrutiny. I would never show my vulnerabilities prior to writing because I felt it made me look weak. If I kept my wall up then no one could hurt me. I have since realized that I don’t want my son growing up that way. I want him to be comfortable in his own skin and love the person he is. In order to make him believe that it’s okay to be vulnerable means that I have to show him. My actions speak much louder than anything I could possibly say to him. So here I am pouring out our lives for others to read, making myself vulnerable to what others might say about me.

Along with vulnerability comes worry, at least for me. What if someone doesn’t like what/how I write. What if I show the world that I am not a very good writer. There are so many things I could worry myself sick over, but what does it accomplish? Nothing. It just makes me physically ill and does me no good. So I’ve adopted my son’s method of dealing with the worry…

“Mommy, look at all those puddles. Just sitting out there all alone, waiting to be splashed in, it’s unfortunate.”

After I caught my breath from laughing so hard that is exactly what we did. We went outside and splashed in every puddle. That’s what we do when it’s raining and our moods are low, we splash in the puddles. It doesn’t take away all of the worries but it minimizes them for the time being.

So the next time it rains and you feel sad or sick with worry- find yourself the biggest puddle, sitting there all alone, and go splash in it!

My theme for this year’s meme is ‘Lessons my son has taught me’. No matter our age we are never to old to learn something about ourselves. To read what other’s have written please click here.

6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2020- Upside down, Vulnerability and Worry

  1. Brings to mind the video I saw. A couple walking on their Wellington’s down a path. The man sees a puddle and jumps in it splashing in fun. His wife sees a puddle in front of her. She jumps in intending to splash in it and it’s a hole. So she finds herself chest deep in water! lol. Just saying…

  2. I need to go out and find some puddles to jump in, to get rid of the current anxiety. Some worries are just literally making me sick. I love your and your son’s attitude to those worries, so yes, I need to find some puddles. Such a lovely post, this.

    Oh, and just for the record, I love what you write 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you Rebel 😊 sometimes the worries are just too big or there isn’t a puddle to be found but there is light on the other side. The patience it takes to get there is what I think we all strive for. Until then, there is love and support here ❤️

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