A-Z Challenge 2020- Deep Breathing

A-Z Challenge 2020- Deep Breathing

I practice deep breathing techniques when I get really anxious or I’m trying to work through a panic attack. I didn’t know it was going to be so helpful when I became a parent. (It wasn’t in the “parent’s manual”! Haha)

Being home with B for almost a month has required me to utilize the technique on a more frequent basis. I’m so used to my schedule of working and him at school that I took it for granted. We do get summer breaks but he is usually at day camp for a few weeks so again I have that little break.

Deep breathing usually centers me and slows my racing heart. It is also great when I’m in a hot steamy shower as it opens my lungs which is necessary during allergy season.

How has this technique helped me as a parent? Well B is a very active kid. He loves to be outside which means riding his bike, playing basketball, running around with his nerf guns, and just about any other kid activity. So that means he is constantly in and out telling what me he is doing. He is very mindful of his actions and does check in with me, which I love. The downside is that the constant in and out and doors opened and shut is triggering for me. It grates on my nerves like most loud noises.

Instead of yelling deep breathing forces me to pause, think, then speak. It has saved many tears and many arguments. It’s something B is learning and it is helping him mature as well.

My theme for this year’s meme is ‘Lessons my son has taught me’. No matter our age we are never to old to learn something about ourselves. To read what other’s have written please click here.

2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2020- Deep Breathing

  1. It’s interesting how you found deep breathing technique helps you so much. My dad struggled to control his anger when I was a kid but started doing something similar, as well as meditating which then changed things massively. I like how you’re teaching? your kid the deep breathing too. I can imagine it is very useful to be able to do

    1. Thank you ML ❤️ it’s not so much the anger for the kiddo, but for his sensitivity. He gets upset over things that many of us wouldn’t have thought twice about. As he is getting older he is learning better coping skills and this is one. He is such a sweet and empathetic kid that he could be taken advantage of very easily.

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