A Little Weight

Image used with permission from Little Switch Bitch
“We are going to try something new. Do you want to play my little pain slut?”

I watched the three little dots jump on my screen as she typed her response. They stop for a moment then start again. I’m beginning to lose my patience. Why is she hesitating? I pace the hallway at work waiting for her to finish her text. 

“I do want to play…but is it going to hurt a lot? I mean I am close to my cycle so I’m reaalllyyy sensitive right now.”

Hmmmm I guess I’ll have to change it up just a little. I really want to make her so needy that she will be begging for a release by the time I get off of work. 

“So this is what I want you to do. 1. Undress but you can wear panties. I want you to wear the green ones. 2. Put in a butt plug- small to start. 3. Play with your large dildo once an hour for 10 minutes. I’ll text you when I want you to change it up.”

“Okay I can do that. :)”

She will be dripping wet with the constant dildo play. I really enjoy it when she has a day off and I can make her a soppy mess. The next three hours seem to fly by. Once an hour, on the hour, my phone bings with a text message alert. She was a good little slut and sent me a picture every time she played. She didn’t ask to come either. She knows I would say no and make her wait. I had two hours left of work and it was time to up the ante. 

“Thank you for sending me the lovely photos my dear. I want you to replace your plug with the next size bigger. Instead of the dildo I want you to put in the Ben-wa balls, the medium ones. Keep them in until I get home. If they fall out I will know. Make sure you use the restroom prior to putting them in!”

The message she sends back is one photo of her plug in and the green panties around her legs. Playing with the dildo several times will make it a little more difficult for her to keep the balls in. I feel the smirk creep across my face. She is such a fun little toy and she loves the attention. 

My work day ends and I practically skip to my car. It’s only a ten minute drive home but I know it will feel like an eternity. The drive is uneventful thank god and my car beeps as I lock it on my walk to the door. The door is unlocked and she is kneeling by the couch waiting for me to greet her. 

“Such a pretty little thing.” I stroke the top of her head down her cheek. I bend down and kiss the top of her head. “I would like you to run upstairs and grab the smaller balls, three of them and bring them back to me.”

She grins from ear to ear and runs up the stairs, momentarily stopping halfway up. She forgot about the balls already in place. I laugh rather loudly and she blushes. She walks up the remaining stairs. I move to the kitchen to make a drink, not as stiff as I normally would, as I would like to play with her. She sets the three balls down on the counter gently so they don’t roll away. 

“Did you keep the balls in like a good girl or did they fall out? Show me.”

She looks at me sheepishly and pulls down her panties. They are dry and no marks left from a wet ball sliding out. She was determined to keep them in which is no easy feat. I smile softly at her. How did I get so lucky?

“Time to give me the balls. We are going to put the three smaller ones in and then play another fun game.”

She unclenches her pelvic floor muscle and the balls slip out and drop into her hand. She stands there waiting for my next move. I look her beautiful green eyes and I raise an eyebrow. She doesn’t have to ask she knows what I want her to do with them. She slips them into her mouth rolling them around with her tongue. She holds onto the stool and bends over. I grab the balls off the counter and one by one I slide them into her slick cunt. I pull up her panties and let the elastic waistband snap against her hips. 

“Okay, you can go wash those properly now.” 

She gives me a toothy grin and I swat her ass. She yelps and scurries over to the sink. After the balls are washed and dried she hands them to me. I twirl them in my hand as I calculate my next move. 

“I think some jumping jacks are in order. Just to be sure those balls stay in place. What do you think?”

Her eyes get huge like a deer caught in headlights. I laugh and grab a hold of her hand pulling her behind me into the hallway leading up to the stairs. 

” Ok so five jumping jacks on each stair beginning with the floor level,  if you can make it up the 10 steps with at least one ball still in place I will let you chose how I fuck you tonight.”

I plant a kiss on her forehead, “Begin!”

The best part about making her jump and try to hold the balls in place is watching her beautiful breasts bounce up and down. She gets the first 5 jumps done with no problem. She even makes it to the fourth step when she makes an “oooop” sound. One ball slides out the side of her panties and clanks down the stairs. She giggles which makes her hold her stomach trying to prevent the other balls from slipping. She makes 2 more steps and another ball comes clammering down. By now I’m laughing pretty hard as she is trying to get to the top quickly and still hold that last ball in. She completes her last set on the top step red-faced and out of breath. She plops down on the floor, her long legs handing over the stairs. I walk up past her into the bathroom and turn the faucets for a bath. I peek around the door and she is still sitting catching her breath.

“Am I bathing alone or do you think you can make it in here?” I chuckle

She slowly turns and crawls towards me dragging her right leg up the top step; giggling and holding her bottom up- just to be sure that last ball stays where it should. 

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