Open mouth..insert foot

So pet was on lunch and we were chatting like we always do. It was nearing the end and we began the “I love you more game”.

I’ve posted about this before. We go back and forth saying something more grandiose than the last. Sometimes he wins and sometimes I win. Usually depending on who has to hang up first.

We got to the better and best part and this time he said “Well I love you best!”

Here’s the foot part… I paused for half a second and said, “Prove it..”

I’m not sure why I said it. He does prove to me daily he loves me by spending most of his free time talking or messaging me. The good morning/good night messages. Following his rules, and trusting me with his submission.

So why would I say something so callous? I instantly regretted saying it, but once something is said it’s said.

So of course now he is back at work and I’m driving myself crazy. 🤦‍♀️

6 thoughts on “Open mouth..insert foot

  1. It sounds like you just got caught up in the competition aspect of the game. I imagine he already knows you didn’t mean anything by it but if not I would think you could explain and apologize if it caused hurt feelings.

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    1. I know his feelings are not hurt as it is a game. I think I’m just thrown off by me saying it. Maybe as a submissive I would say it to my Dom in jest. As I’m not that experienced as a Domme yet.

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      1. Well I can understand being careful with your words and actions, especially as a Domme. Is it possible however that you are being a bit too hard on yourself? If being a Domme means you can’t have any teasing or playful banter, well then that leaves a very strict life to lead. The two of you seem very playful with each other in the few posts I’ve seen, I can’t imagine being that rigid would be much fun for either of you.
        Just my two cents this time. 🙂 I know we play and tease all the time, I know that He doesn’t mean it to be anything but fun and I wouldn’t want that to change.

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