little places and spaces

I’ve had many experiences through the D/s lifestyle. One of my favorites is being a little. Even now pet gets a glimpse of my little side at night. When I’m really tired, but I don’t want to stop talking to him; I snuggle down in my blanket and let the sound of his voice calm and relax me. I’m not sure if he realizes it (most likely does) but he takes over for that small amount of time. He tells me soothing things, how he would kiss my forehead and hold me until I fall asleep. He does this especially when I’ve had a rough day.

He is exploring hypnosis and has shared it with me. I’m usually a pretty tough cookie, so these moments of letting all of my guard down give him the perfect opportunity to practice. I’ve always been skeptical of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but I’m finding that being open to trying something new has benefited us both. It truly does put me in a positive headspace which allows my little to shine. 😊

(No elephants were harmed in the making of this picture) courtesy of me, featuring Ephalant.

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