FPF (Day 2)- The Floor

In most of my relationships sex was a high priority. I have a pretty high drive, so it was how I connected. It never mattered what I wore because it ultimately ended up on the floor.

Panty fetish? Great! I’ll wear whatever panties you desire.. as long as I can discard them when we play.

Foot fetish? No problem, I’ll wear short heels (I can’t risk falling and breaking an ankle lol) as long as they come off during play.

I’ve never really been into lingerie, it always seemed to hinder what I wanted or he wanted. Mainly sex.

I’m discovering that my relationship now, with pet is so very different. It isn’t about sex. We want the emotional connection. The physical connection is nice too, but it isn’t as necessary as it once was.

I want to please him in many other ways, so I’m exploring lingerie. The thought behind each piece. The thrill of seeing his face light up when I show it to him. The mystery of what is concealed.

Of course, as most pieces of lingerie do.. I’m sure it will end up on the floor.

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