Maybe he’s in lust…

Something about thigh highs drive some men wild. I’ve never found them very comfortable as I have thick thighs. They slip and roll and run, but this picture wasn’t about how I felt in them.

I took this for him. He has a fetish for legs and feet, so I wanted to tease him. Truthfully, I don’t mind the picture as I know they would spend more time on the floor than on me!

Want to see more?

Click the link and show some love! Lingerie is for Everyone

6 thoughts on “Maybe he’s in lust…

      1. I see. I actually looked some up and apparently they like to keep clothing confusing in the US. Lol
        We have thigh highs (no elastic band) and stay ups (elastic banded)! *face palm* I’ve never been into stockings or much less lingerie until the past couple years. I have a lot to learn.


  1. Hi J:
    Thanks for posting.
    You say he likes legs and feet, do you make Him kiss and suck your feet or any other fun feet things?
    There is something about making a man rub, kiss, and suck my feet. I have him kneel in front of me sometimes.
    After a while of him pleasing me I make him suck my toes like a cock (thats what I tell him) , I can put all my toes and part of my foot in my husbands mouth.

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    1. Hi D, as distance has us apart for now he does not do the fun feet things. However, he will in due time 😊
      He often talks of what he would love to do which includes massage, sucking and just about anything else I think of.

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