TMI Tuesday- 1/29/19

My first TMI Tuesday! This should be fun.

1. What makes you feel unloved?

Being ignored. Taken for granted.
2. What is the one act that a person can do that makes you feel loved?

Acknowledge me when I’m talking and actually listen to me. I’m not a touchy feely person so words means a lot to me.
3. What kind of music do you find romantic?

Anything that connects me to the person I love. It can be just about any genre.
4. What do you find utterly unromantic?

Poor Hygiene. I’m not big on cologne as I experience migraines, just a man’s natural clean scent is perfect.
5. What thing did you find out about your significant other that you decided to look past and go for a relationship?

He is going through a break-up and moving out. Instead of letting him do this alone I wanted to be supportive of his self-discovery and just be someone he could count on if he needs me.

Bonus: In your life, is romance dead?

Definitely not! He is one of the sweetest men I know.

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