Sensuality in my F/m relationship

I recently started following Brigit Delaney and I have decided to partake in an Erotic Journal Challenge. The first prompt was in regards to Sensuality (The 5 senses) and how they play a role in my relationship with my submissive.

I’ve spent many years as a submissive and much of it was about the senses. Primarily, the sense of touch. I was often deprived of sight, which given my current state, is not really a loss. I have extremely poor vision so my other senses have always been a bit more heightened to make up for it. Often, it was about the deprivation of one sense to heighten another. I’ve been directed to feel the heat from wax, the prick of a wartenburg, the sting of a crop, or the tightness of rope around an appendage. All of these things brought on a different sensation and elicited a different emotion. Thinking about my past experiences made me stop to think about what I am doing now for my pet. How am I contributing to his sensuality?

The exploration with our senses has led me to discover a few things about myself as well. Our relationship is of a romantic nature. We want to experience many things and most are in relation to our senses. That being said I’m more of a sensual dominant. We don’t need the physical restraint, I captivate him mentally. I give him the comfort of letting go and he trusts me to always be there when he comes back down.

He has experienced loss of hearing in one of his ears due to a cholesteatoma. This proves to be a bit of a challenge, especially if he has an earbud playing music in the functioning one! I do believe it has heightened his sense of touch. A light touch in a sensitive spot can elicit a slew of giggles and give him a shiver down his spine. Warm breath on the back of his neck can make him melt (as he puts it) into a pile of goo. He has often mentioned the heaviness of his collar and how it reminds him of me and our relationship in a positive way.

The one thing that has pushed him out of his comfort zone was eye contact. As a submissive, I can wholeheartedly understand the uneasiness. It is difficult when all you want to do is close your eyes and feel, but your dominant wants to be included. He has improved on keeping eye contact with me. When he slips I whisper, “look at me”. The connection we have is surreal, so when our eyes do meet it can feel tantric.

Smell is something both of us are very keen to. I love the way men’s deodorant combines with their natural scent. They don’t need to wear any cologne as this alone can send me into a head space. For him, the smell of my hair can give him euphoria. I love having my hair brushed, played with and so I take extra measures to be sure it is taken care of. He has also mentioned my scent when we are in foreplay. I’ve never had a man tell me how much they love my scent as much as him. It makes me feel loved and secure.

The sense of smell often leads us to taste. We both love food and I like to think we have well- developed palates. He is obsessed with spicy foods whereas I am for the different levels of saltiness and full body flavors. When it comes to sex, the man loves oral, and I mean truly loves it. He is bisexual so male or female, as long as he can taste them, he is happy. I’m a bit more set in my ways, I love men. To put it plainly, I love their cocks. Giving blowjobs, tasting their pre gives me hint at what I will get to enjoy when I’m through. I especially love changing the taste by what I’ve had them eat prior to play. (Along with pineapple, oranges work too!) Something that we have yet to experience is blood. I’m quite for it, biting or needle/knife play. I’m very picky who I’ve done this with though.
I love watching the little beads form then licking them. It’s a bit more metallic tasting. We haven’t crossed this bridge yet with each other, but it is not ruled out.

Today, I have him harnessed and his balls are aching. I’m looking forward to his next release. Seeing the pleasure roll across his body. Absorbing the want and love in his eyes. He is everything I could ever want in a lover and submissive, and I can’t wait to see what the day brings.

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