I love you more…

Pet and I play the “I love you more than..” game. Normally, it is at the end of a phone call once he tells me he is at his destination. I never get tired of it because it reminds me how lucky I am. That’s right, I am lucky to have this man as my submissive. The game usually ends with one of us “winning” the round.

So the past few weeks have been especially hard on him as it was the holiday season and he was working some very long hours. I did my best to tell him how much he means to me and to remind him that I am here for him whenever he needs me.

Today he was a little stressed about his evening job. He has been pressured by his boss to do even more work in less time. So I sent him this message in hope to alleviate some of the tension and stress…

‘No matter how difficult or draining tonight may be, just remember you are loved, you are cherished, you are missed, and most importantly you have an amazing ass!!

I love you’

I always try to incorporate a little humor in my messages as I know it will make him smile and laugh.

We thrive on the positive and a lot of love in our dynamic. It works for us.

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