“I’m sorry.”

The power of those 2 little words. How many times a day do you hear someone say, “I’m sorry” and truly mean it?

This has been a rough couple of days. I knew it was going to be and I tried my best to steel myself for it. I live next door to my brother and sister-in-law. We do our best to give each other space, but let each other know that we care.

As it so happens couples fight. Apparently this happened last night for my brother. Something very simple turned into an argument. Now I was completely unaware as I was home fighting my own demons. They had invited me over for dinner before all of this ensued. I went over with my best happy face and a new craft beer for my sister-in-law to try. I went up to her sewing room to greet her and I’m told in a very harsh tone, “I’m going to need you to go….please.” The please felt almost as an afterthought.

So I went downstairs, with apparently the look of ‘someone kicked my puppy’ written all over my face. Truthfully I was fighting back tears. I told my mom that I was going home and I wouldn’t be back. My parents had come to visit for Christmas so for me to say that and look hurt wasn’t in my character. She let me go home without asking why.

I love my sister-in-law as if she were my real sister. She really is a very sweet and loving person. So for her to say that to me without any reason just floored me. So today I had to work a few hours and still had presents to wrap. I had no desire to go back to my brother’s house, even though my parents were still here.

I get a message from my mom that Christmas dinner was almost ready and that they really want me to come over. So I mentally prepare myself that they will act like last night didn’t happen. I go down to the kitchen to drop off my cupcakes and pumpkin pie and my sister-in-law looks at me and just stops. “I’m really sorry for what I said last night, it wasn’t you or anything you did. I am sorry.” I can tell at this point she is about to cry. So I did something else completely out of character. I gave her a hug. A real hug.

For those that know me, know that I am not a touchy kind of person. I don’t like to be touched by people in general. My family likes to poke fun at me for it, but it really makes my skin crawl. So for me to actually initiate the hug and not give the notorious side hug is a pretty big deal.

I felt in that moment that she needed it. I needed it. I knew that she was sincere in her apology. Yes, it is the season of forgiveness and family. So as cliched as this whole thing sounds, those 2 little words can make all of the difference.

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