Holiday Blues

It’s snowing outside. It is not much of a surprise for those in New England, but for those of us south of the Mason/Dixon Line it is a rarity in December. I feel like it is matching my mood today.

I knew this was going to be hard. Most days I’m ok, others I just want to crawl in a hole and hope that people forget I exist. My son is away for Christmas this year. I feel like part of my heart is missing. I’ve always been happy to share him with his father’s side of the family and I would never tell a 93 year old woman that she couldn’t see him for Christmas. I know it makes her feel like she is on top of the world and he loves her to pieces.

But, I still can’t help it. I miss seeing his gorgeous blue eyes first thing in the morning. I miss his non-stop chatter about anything and everything as he is still so innocent.

I know he is having a wonderful time seeing his great grandmother and the huge family that entails. I won’t begrudge him for being happy, he should be happy and carefree!

So when he calls, I put on the strong mom voice and listen to every little word he tells me. I soak in all of his happiness. He will be back home sooner than later.

For now though, I’m just going to miss him.

One thought on “Holiday Blues

  1. It sounds like this is hitting you pretty hard, and not in the way you like.
    Always remember you are loved, needed, sought after, appreciated, and worshiped. I said yes for a reason, my Beloved.

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