He said YES!

After many discussions I felt the time was right. I found the perfect collar for him and he accepted!

I’m pretty sure I was just as nervous as he was. We know each other so well and yet the anticipation creates so many what-if thoughts.

What if he didn’t like what I chose? What if he is only telling me he loves it because he doesn’t want to disappoint me? What if he changed his mind about being collared?

None of the above was true. He has wanted to be collared for quite some time. It was me being cautious and waiting for the right time to offer it to him.

I take collaring seriously. I’ve worn a consideration collar, but I’ve never accepted a collar to be owned. For me, it is a commitment like marriage, the only difference is the legal document.

The collar is made of stainless steel and carries a charm that is very dear to us. I’m so very happy to say, I am now the proud owner of my best friend!

8 thoughts on “He said YES!

    1. Hi Dave,
      Not in every aspect. I wouldn’t expect him too either. I still carry some “Old Guard” views which he doesn’t always understand. He does agree that is not something to take lightly. He had mentioned his interest some time ago and we discussed what it would represent for our dynamic. He did not ask about it after that. So when I presented it to him he was surprised. As it is something he can wear daily, he has expressed how it has helped him stay in a submissive mental state longer than he was able to prior.


      1. His interest in being collared was expressed some time ago. We have talked in depth about the different types, the meanings and what would suit our dynamic. I do not hand out a collar when it is simply asked for. He had to show me that he understood the significance and that it was something he could and wanted to commit to. We have known each other for 19 years, so yes changes will happen and are expected. Do I expect changes regarding the collaring? No, but I will not foolishly believe that they couldn’t. No we will not have a ceremony, but something of a more permanent nature has been discussed.


      2. I was curious why you and he were nervous before the collaring. In a way it is similar to going to a job interview with you as the employer and he as a prospective employee. He wants the job but you want to be sure he knows the job requirements and can do it. A relationship commitment of this kind can make both parties nervous.


      3. It is human nature to be nervous. As our relationship is very loving and intimate it can stray from some of the traditional F/m views, which then allows for more emotion.


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