Erotic Lactation or ANR

So my pet and I were having our usual discussion back and forth via messaging. We both work and to keep from disconnecting over the course of the day we often do this. It helps his insecurities and it makes me feel loved and needed.

As it so happens I was being a bit of a tease. I like sending him pictures in the middle of his work day just to turn him 10 different shades of red. I sent him a picture of my breasts and what I would like him to do to them. He responded with how much he liked to suck on lollipops and hard candies rather aggressively. So I took this idea and ran with it. I have vacuum suckers as I thoroughly enjoy having them pulled.

As we are still discovering our fetishes and kinks together I did ask him what would happen if I lactated. I wanted his honest opinion. I have always had this fantasy of having an adult nursing relationship. None of my doms were ever into the fetish so I wasn’t going to be surprised if my pet wasn’t into it either.

Surprisingly, he responded with, “Do you lactate?”. Then an immediate apology for answering my question with a question. He then responded, “I would be utterly thrilled if you lactated.” He goes on to say how excited it would make him and that he would be honored to receive it.

So now here I sit pouring over article after article regarding ANR and how to relactate. It has been 7 years since I last breastfed. Supposedly it is not that hard to get back. So I guess time will tell. For now we are going to enjoy the fact that we are both on the same page with this fetish.

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