(13-day Retreat)- Workin’ it out

(13-day Retreat)- Workin’ it out

Today is a get back to “me” day. Back to the gym at 5am and it felt really good. I’ve been trying to eat better as I was out of commission for awhile and I did maintain the weight which was the goal. Now it’s time to kickstart the program again. The only way to get my anxiety manageable is to focus on the things that make me happy. This is my self-care and the authentic me, not mom, girlfriend, sister, friend, Domme, or princess. This is the sleepy-headed, throw on gym clothes, get sweaty and peel them off for a cold shower me. Of course I have to make it a little kinky too!


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21 thoughts on “(13-day Retreat)- Workin’ it out

  1. I could hear it in your voice! You do feel better and it’s a beautiful thing.

    Anxiety is the emotional shit stain discovered at the bottom of the laundry basket of conscious thought. I hate it. You’ve helped considerably with mine despite your own.

    There’s a cycle there, between anxiety and sleep, and I wish I knew how to break it. There are drugs that can help, but they have some really ugly side effects. A former co-worker of mine was prescribed Ambien to help her sleep, and one morning she woke up in the police station after *sleep driving* to go buy a root beer. She parked in someone’s front yard.

    I’m just glad you slept. I didn’t even get a chance to read to you! Disappointing, yes, but nowhere near as pleasant as knowing you slept and even went to the gym!

    GO YOU!

    1. Thank you love. I feel bad that I fell asleep waiting for you to get home and ready to read, but I really needed it so in the end it worked out. ❤️

    1. I do love my sleep when I’m not chasing it lol, but this is the only feasible time with a young one at home. Plus it’s never as crowded so I’m not as self conscious ?

  2. “The only way to get my anxiety manageable is to focus on the things that make me happy.”

    ? agree with this. Self-care is so so so important. Well done on getting to the gym, and thank you for sharing! 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing and it’s truly admirable how you stick to a consistent schedule that most of us could never do. Whether anxiety or not, focusing on what makes you (or anyone) happy is soo important. It’s all to easy to get swept up in what others want us to do, rather than being out true selves.

    1. Thank you Francesca ❤️ I’m not perfect by any means and I do get derailed at times but I find this makes me feel much better about myself which makes life’s issues easier to handle. I’m usually a pretty positive person and I become annoyingly so when I feel good ?

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